Saturday, May 6, 2017

Its a beautiful day for a run... but why did we commit to 1 Run a month?

Why do Drs. Turner & Meyers run? 

Check out the answer below... 

Today was a sunny gorgeous Spring run in historic Parkville Missouri along the river. With scenic views it was a blissful day for fitness enthusiasts, Drs. Meyers and Turner. As luck would have it our May run is on the heels of last week's Trolley Run.

Drs. Turner & Meyers run glow!

Dr Turner Selfie with Dr. Meyers & River

On your mark... The start of a great run starts with one foot in front of the other.

River & Trail... 

Blissful rolling river

George is feeling his game getting a bit better with a faster pace... most likely from the daily 30 minute runs on the treadmill.

Practice, Practice... PRACTICE!

Half-way done is NOT done. We dont quit until the race is over!

But our fans have been asking... "Why did you guys commit to a run every month?" Great question! The answer is pretty simple...

Why does Lisa Run?

Why does George Run?

Of course Lisa's got ONE MORE...

Lisa is keeping her game on focusing on the most important part... JUST FINISH!

Enjoy the serenity...

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