Monday, June 25, 2012

Kansas City Relationship & Sexual Health Clinic adds new Therapy Intern and Blogger: Dhyana Coil

Hello relationship and wellness enthusiasts! This is Dhyana, the new student intern at Turner Professional Group. My interestingly unique yet confusing Sanskrit name is pronounced Dee- (as in DE-sire),- ah- (as in “ahh that feels nice), -naa (as in ahh with an n in front). I am so thrilled to be the new blogging master for such a creative and dynamic practice. The first time I discovered the Turner Professional Group website I could hardly contain my excitement at having found a practice that shares so many of my core values and passions like spirituality, mind-body integration, and a deep expertise in the sexuality aspect of relationships. After having seen the inside of the space and felt how much energy was put into making it a therapeudic environment, I felt even more sure that the universe was leading me to something very special. Feeling such a calling to train in this unique environment, I persistently convinced my school to take a chance on a new internship site, and I am now the first ever student therapist from Friends University ready and eager to join with you on your holistic healing journey. 

As a student therapist, I will be under the supervision of the site supervisor, Dr. George Turner, as well as my program supervisor at Friends University who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, (they mean the same thing but Kansas and Missouri have slightly different labels). So, that means that as my client you will be receiving my own blend of personality and training, as well as the input expertise of two other advanced professionals consulting with me on your case. That’s three therapists all for the price of… FREE! My office hours for seeing individuals, couples and families will start off on Mondays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and to set up an appointment contact George at 816-931-8255 or  Dr. Turner and I will be brainstorming plans for some upcoming group educational workshops. Some of our ideas so far are - The Birds and the Bees: How to talk to your children and teens about sex, Flirting 101: How to break the ice, ignite some sparks and have some fun!  & Romantic Jealousy: Tools to manage your monogamous (or not) partnership.  Please comment to let us know if and when you would be interested in attending a workshop on any of these topics, or if you have other ideas you’d like to see us make happen.  And stay tuned for more weekly blog posts on fabulous topics like masturbation, reclaiming the concept of feminine beauty, consent, and what it means to be transgender. Talk to you soon!

Monday, June 4, 2012

George Turner earns a PhD in Sexual Health Education from Widener University

George Turner received a doctorate degree in human sexuality education during the commencement ceremony at Widener University (Philadelphia) on May 12, 2012. Dr. Turner’s dissertation, “Social-Sexual Voice of Adults with Mild Intellectual Disabilities: A Qualitative Study” was awarded, “The Outstanding Dissertation Award”. In addition, he was nominated for “The William R. Stayton Award for Applied Leadership in Human Sexuality”.

As one of the area leaders in sexual health and education, Dr. Turner has a unique clinical expertise to offer his patients. Dr. Turner has been a long-time advocate, clinician and now researcher on disabilities and sexuality. His research looked at the typically overlooked personal stories of individuals with intellectual disabilities. He plans to take his research and present at national conventions for special education teachers, social workers and sexuality professionals. Additionally, it is his hope to publish in several professional journals to engage professionals in an often difficult discourse on the topic of disability and pleasure, safety, and self-determination.

Widener University is a private, metropolitan university comprised of eight schools and colleges that offer liberal arts and sciences, professional and pre-professional curricula leading to associate's, baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degrees. Visit the university website,