Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Online Dating Tips

Recently an online dating site, Okcupid, researched peoples profile pix. They found some interesting things that might help you in your search for romance. First, smiling didnt matter in the pix and neither did a closeup head shot. People high up on a mountain top surrounded by lots of scenery got lots of hits too. The #1 factor that increased hits: "Conversation-ability"... an interesting photo that sparked interest in you! So you and your bike or you in your favorite party dress with a quirky smile sitting in your living room. The simple hint... be interesting!
Specifically for the gals:
1) Be flirtatious in the photo. Eyes, eyes and more eyes!
2) Look into the camera. Guys want to think you are connecting with them
3) Avoid harsh flash. It adds years to your age and washes you out.
Specifically for the guys:
1) Dont look into the camera. It makes you look like a stalker and ladies get creeped out when you stare at them at the bar too!
2) Puppy Power! Gals responded to guys showing their personal side (i.e. Interesting), so borrow a dog!
3) No dog... show the Abs. I know, I know... Im just reporting what they found, but they say Ab shots got lots of  hits.
Finally, update your pix frequently and dont be afraid to initiate the asking. Sometimes dating can be a numbers game. You cant win if you dont play! I once told a friend who was 'trying to get a date' that the only trying that she was doing was hoping that the Pizza delivery guy was a prospect. You gotta get out there, diversify where you meet people and cast a wide net. Remember dating is about having fun and learning about perspective romantic partners, but dont take it personally if there wasnt a connection. Enjoy the journey!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exciting New Sex Study

Welcome to our very first post! We hope you enjoy the information and pass along the resource to your friends and colleageus.

An exciting new sex study recently came out in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2010) revealing interesting facts on our sexual behaviors. Check out the highlights at Dr. Oz and learn more about bridging the orgasm differences for men and women. Remember not every Big "O" is all that big and thats okay, and rarely do we simultaneously reach our destinations. Men and women are wired differently, so learn to enjoy the journey.