Monday, June 30, 2014

George & Lisa present on Sexuality and Disability AAIDD Conference

George Turner, Lisa Meyers, Mary Rita Weller
AAIDD Conference 2014, Orlando Fl.
Local disability experts, Dr. George Turner and Lisa Meyers of Turner Professional Group, spoke on Sexuality and Disability at the 138th American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) conference held in Orlando Fl. They partnered with a colleague, Dr. Mary Rita Weller, to present a paper entitled, “Taboo & Overlooked – Sexuality and Intellectual Disability: A Call for Better Research, Therapy & Education”.  Over fifty disabilty professionals attended including academics, direct service professionals, and administration,  as well as self advocates and parents.

Since 1876, AAIDD has been providing worldwide leadership in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. AAIDD, (formerly AAMR -- American Association on Mental Retardation) is the oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization of professionals and citizens concerned about intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The three-tiered presentation shared with participants the experiences of three disability professionals who also have the unique vantage point of being licensed social workers involved in research, therapy and education around sexuality and persons with intellectual disability. Dr. Turner shared, “With over 50 professionals from disability services and disability studies, our presentation has implications to bring a positive light on sexuality and people with intellectual disabilities. As professionals we need to listen to what our clients and consumers are saying about their social-sexual needs, desires and hopes. They cannot afford us to put our heads in the sand.”

Lisa Meyers speaking about her clinical
work with people with ID.
AAIDD Conference 2014
While Dr. Turner focused on encouraging more research in this area, Dr. Weller spoke on education and Lisa Meyers discussed clinical psychotherapy with this group. Ms. Meyers highlighted that, “the challenge is to find trained mental health professionals who are also familiar in working with people with disabilities. It’s rare to have this kind of expert available to people with intellectual disabilities. So while there are numerous psychotherapists in the community they often do not understand the nuances of differing communication patterns of someone with a disability or they unknowingly discount the possibility of them being sexual.” Dr. Turner added, “People with ID want and need human connectivity, just like the rest of us. The problem is access and a system that does not support their need for romance, sex, or risk taking. We hoped to dispel stereotypical portrayal of disability and sexuality and encourage professionals to bridge this service delivery gap.”

George and Lisa met Charles Archer, the AAIDD Chair of the Special Interest Group on Sexuality,  and got to network with other colleagues in the field. "Maintaining a connection to professional colleagues and giving back to the field through conference presentations is an important way for TPG to be relevant. As leaders in the field of disabilities, we strongly believe in cultivating learning and moving the field forward to providing better support and services", shared Lisa.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Can Women Like Sex?

Yes,  YES, YESSS!!!

Advant garde sexuality educator and matron of the female orgasm has some views that might push a few buttons. Female sexuality can be exhilirating, but lots of women are missing out. They have been conditioned to live in shame about their bodies and their sensuality. Many of our patients are shocked to learn about the myths and falsehoods that they have bought into for so many years. Women can LOVE sex...  Listen with an open heart to this Sage advocate, Betty Dodson, on female sexuality and pleasure.