Monday, August 22, 2011

Clinical Intern Joins Turner Professional Group

Its back to school time and we are thrilled to welcome our new intern, Courtney Kivett.

Courtney shared, "Im very excited to be an intern at Turner Professional Group while working on my Masters degree in Social Work. After spending a year working in adult mental health, I'm eager to begin mytransition into the realm of counseling and human sexuality". Courtney has interests in many aspects of human sexuality, including sexual dysfunction, intimacy issues, sexuality and disability, and sex education. After graduating with her Masters of Social Work  (Washburn University, Topeka, KS -Expected May 2012), Courtney plans on completing her PhD in Human Sexuality at Widener University and practicing sex therapy in the Kansas City Metro Area.

Interns at Turner Professional Group are supervised by seasoned clinical staff and meet routinely with to discuss cases and receive feedback from a licensed therapist. A huge benefit to clients is that interns are able to offer clients free or reduced fee sessions while completing clinical coursework.

Courtney is available to speak at your group on a variety of clinical topics and she host a weekly clinical group for clients seeking support. Please call or email her for more information:

4010 Washington, Suite 405

Kansas City, MO. 64110

(816) 931.8255



Friday, August 12, 2011

Turner Professional Group Partners with New Psychotherapist: Mary Bradley

Mary Bradley, LSCSW/LCSW
What an exciting week... GREAT professionals keep joining our holistic practice. Turner Professional Group is excited to announce that Mary Bradley, LSCSW/LCSW is beginning private practice, starting Monday August 15th. What a fabulous way to end the week! Please help us 'Welcome' her to our space! Mary comes to us with a wealth of clinical and life experience that is sure to benefit our patients. Mary has an easy-going, serenity about her that informs her work and makes for a relaxing therapeutic environment.

Mary has a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Kansas (2005), and is clinically licensed in both Kansas and Missouri.  She has had the opportunity to work with individual and families as a medical social worker in hospice and home health care. More recently, she had the privilege of providing social work services to refugees from war-torn countries and human trafficking victims.  Mary has provided caregiver education, stress reduction and mental health education for seniors at the Landon Center on Aging (KUMC) and throughout the community.  She also has worked with HIV-positive women and survivors of domestic violence. Mary’s therapy practice specialties include: healing trauma, addiction therapy, grief and loss, and depression and anxiety.  She works with adults (including seniors and caregivers), children and couples in therapy to realize and respect one’s core self, and to resolve issues that impede one’s life satisfaction and functioning.

Mary can be reached at (913) 710-9480.  E-mail her at

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turner Professional Group now offers massage by Tovah's Therapeutic Bodywork

Good nutrition, exercise, plenty of rest... and massage are becoming more of a staple for many of our patients approach to good health. Its often one of the things we recommend to patients who are facing chronic stress. Stress interferes with concentration, impacts physical health and puts romantic relationships at risk. A massage therapist can be a great addition to a comprehensive wellness team.

Its with great pleasure that we welcome Tovah Kincaid to Turner Professional Group. It has long been our dream to have a bodyworker on site for our patients. Tovah's calming voice and gentle presence are a step towards total relaxation.

Tovah is a National Licensed Accredited Massage Therapist, in Kansas City, Mo and a member of the Associate Bodywork Massage Professionals. She has been in practice for 5 years, graduating top of her class in 2006 from Anthem College (formerly High Tech Institute) obtaining an Associates Degree in Applied Science. She was a lead therapist at Massage Heights for a year, where she worked in the spa industry before working with Northcare Hospice as a therapist. Tovah, states, "Both experiences has made me a well rounded professional and massage therapist who listens to client expectations. I customize rejuvenating massage to meet client needs. As a result of my customer service and skill, a high percentage of my business is from repeat clients a referrals."

Tovah offers a variety of massage modalities including:
  • Therapeutic Bodywork,
  • Swedish Massage,
  • Trigger Point Therapy,
  • Sports Massage,
  • Chair Massage,
  • Deep Tissue Massage,
  • Reflexology, and
  • Prenatal Massage
Give Tovah a call and inverst in yourself. Also, massage is an excellent gift idea for family and friends.
Tovah Kincaid,LMT

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spiritual Makeovers: Turner Professional Group partners with new practitioner, Carrah Quigley

We want to extend a very warm 'welcome' to Carrah Quigley. She now offices at TPG and offers a unique and fascinating new service, 'Spiritual Makeovers'. With her fire-red hair, penchant for fashion, and what my Mom use to describe as the 'gift of gab', Carrah is a warm and charismatic spirit who immediately places a person at ease. Somewhere between a hip gal next door and a spiritual facilitator, Carrah seems to be that perfect balance of a listener and guide.

Our patients are unique and complicated people. We strive to honor and incorporate the religious beliefs and spiritual practices of our patients. Adding Carrah's speciality as a religious expert and spiritual leader fits our holistic health model and will benefit our patients immensely. For many of our patients their belief system is a critical part of their life, celebrating that aspect of our patients just makes sense. I see Carrah helping clients who come to TPG for therapy but struggle with aspects of their 'religion of origin'... that religious teaching from their youth. Though they may not practice their faith, patients of ours can have painful leftovers or misinformation about their faith that hinders their wellness journey.

Carrah Quigley,
Spiritual Counselor &
Life Coach
Since the age of 17, Carrah has explored the different religions of the world and how they deeply inform personal faith. Throughout her travels and experience in different religious environments she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge both academic and personal. As a spiritual counselor devoted to helping others, she aides others in creating a spiritual life that is fulfilling and uniquely crafted to meet their personal needs, what she calls, “Spiritual Makeovers.” Over the last ten years, her awareness has also turned to helping those inflicted with spiritual wounds. With her academic knowledge and intuitive counseling she provides a deeper understanding of how to heal wounds without abandoning faith. She holds a Masterʼs Degree, with distinction, in Ecumenics from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and a Bachelorʼs in Religious Studies from University of Arizona. She studied at Union Theological Seminary in New York and completed graduate courses in the History of Islam and Christianity at UMKC and Conflict Resolution Studies in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is currently studying to become a Certified Spiritual Counselor through the American Institute of Health Care Professionals.

Services Include:
  • Crafting a Personal Spiritual Practice
  • Deepening your already existing faith
  • Healing from Spiritual Wounds
  • Re-imagining the God image
  • Learning how to Meditate
  • Forgiving & Finding Closure
  • Inquiring about other faiths & God
  • Negotiating blended faiths
To make an appointment or for questions, you can contact Carrah at: (816) 506-6714

Carrah Quigley, Spiritual Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor
Deepening - Growing - Learning - Healing - Empowering Spiritual Health for total well-being

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HOTTT Summer Sizzlin' Sex Treats

The kids Slip-n-Slide just got
a whole lot more interesting!
The heat is on and not in a good way. Its HOT out there and folks are sluggish, cranky and just tired of these high temps. Along with other areas of your life, feeling miserable can take a toil on your sex life. We wanna here your summer time ideas on how to be "sweaty", "sultry", and "sticky" in all the right ways. Don't let your sex life go cold in all this heat, have some fun and treat yourself. What else ya going to do with that box of Popsicles in the frig? Post on our Face Book or comment here. Share those Sassy Ideas and inspire yourself!!!!

To get your creative juices (and others flowing) Click here for some sensational summer-time treats.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Circumcision: Could You Be Dulling Future Sexual Pleasure?

Why is circumcision such a hot topic in today's Parenting Circles...
two words: Foreskin Restoration@
Recently a patient walked in wanting to discuss 'Foreskin Restoration'. Essentially he was grieving the loss of his foreskin. He had a "cut" penis... meaning he had no foreskin. He was exploring methods to restore this part of his genetalia. Part of his therapy request was also focused on anger towards his parents for "mutalating his manhood" (his words), negotiating this journey with his sexual partner and becoming more educated about it himself. In short, he had lots of things on his plate that most likey were never considered by his parents. But this has become a much more 'talked about' topic for parents today. Its even making the news.

Our own therapist, Lisa Meyers, recently shared some of her own journey towards understanding this topic. She shared, "Parents, educate yourselves, talk about it, and make an informed choice for your boy children. I will never forget when I learned that my brother and his then wife were choosing not to circumcise my nephew. At the time I remember asking how they came to that decision and not really understanding why they would not want him to look like everyone else. Seven years and much education later for me, I am so glad they stuck to their choice for him despite pressure from most people around them. I was misinformed. I had bought into the societal stereotype that penises MUST look a certain way. Plain and simple, I was wrong. But dont take my word... check out a recent article on the topic."

Jessica Kramer states, "Conversations about circumcision are really important. As I strongly recommend women become fully informed when pregnant and giving birth - that they fully understand the implication of all the choices they make - I strongly recommend parents do the same with regard to circumcision." Her recent blog on Betty Dodson's website offers some additional interesting points for your considertation.