Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 A Better You: Jan Fitness Enthusiast Results

Lisa and I made a commitment to a "Better Us in 2016". Like lots of people we fell off our fitness routine and packed on a few unwanted lbs. I wasn't sure IF I would stay on top of this, but so far so good. Being adventuresome we challenged ourselves to stay active, trying new fitness options to motivate us.  I thought it might be nice to document our journey and keep us motivated.

First thing we decided, lets find some cheap physical activity that we can do together. The key... just start moving. The year started off with a GroupOn to Title Boxing. Two weeks for a mere $19. A bargain and we made it to 12 days out of the 14. Yay! If you haven't tried this form of physical activity, I highly recommend it. Its face paced, intense, and it fits the 'different' category. Imagine 20 or so folks whopping on gym bags... boxing and kicking. Oh, and the abs. I hurt just thinking about the ab workouts, but in a good way. The trainers were very personable, despite the music not being my cup of tea. Im old school. Give me some house music or disco. Hahaha. The hardest part, getting up early! I didn't realize just how challenging it was going to be to disrupt my routine. But I give this activity an "A". I definitely would try it again.

We Did It! Our 1st 5K
The Ground Hog Run
Jan 206

Next, we had the crazy idea of running one 5K every month. We told ourselves just show up and walk and by the end of 12 months we should be able to run a 5K... right?!?! Well, surprise, surprise last weekend we did the Ground Hog Run in the caves and we ran the whole thing. Mind you, it was more a slow... VERY slow jog, but we didn't stop to walk once. That darn two weeks of kickboxing got us primed.

 I gotta admit the best part is doing the run with people you know. Lisa and I got to visit and we motivated one another along the way. But having someone else to chat with made the time fly by. Bonus, they offered snacks before hand and we got a mini massage afterwards. Score! Also, we met some really nice people... People of all sizes. We opted for the slow, SLOW, wave and were in the last group of 5Kers, so there were plenty of kids, walkers, families and folks doing the turtle pace... just like us. Another "A" activity.

A little computer recon after the race and BOOM, we have a year-long itinerary of 5Ks. Ill share our calendar goals with you in case you wan to join us. There are so many options out there and they actually look fun. Check out this calendar of local races. 

We are going again in two weeks and trying out the Mardi Gras Run in the Power & Light. Check out the video. This is going to be HOOOT! Check out the video for this run; that toe tappin tune has gotta get you motivated to MOVE! C'mon down and get your run on with Lisa and I. Hope to see you there! And remember... "A little party never killed nobody. Right here, right now is all we got!" Come out; Get your beads and get movin!

 Will you start your journey to make 2016 a Better You? We hope our energy, enthusiasm and trial-n-error gets you thinking... if they can do it so can I. C'mon find a buddy, find an activity and get moving! Let us know how you're doing and share the fitness enthusiasm! Good Luck! Happy 2016!