Monday, February 8, 2016

Pursuing Fitness in 2016

The good doctors have continued their relentless pursuit toward better health and wellness this month. Together they have been attending Bootcamp through their Groupon of-the-month at Freight House Fitness, in addition to the monthly 5K they committed to.

Freight House Fitness bootcamp has allowed us to expand our fitness efforts into strength training. As we age our bone density can be compromised though the natural aging process, and strength training is an excellent way to combat some of these effects of aging.

Pre-race festivities
This month our 5K focus was to have fun in the spirit of New Orleans by tackling the Mardi Gras KC 5 K Run. The weather was beautiful for a winter run, with sunny skies, low wind, and temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees. 

In the two weeks since the Groundhog Run we were able to increase our speed and endurance, and we shaved off 5 minutes, 18 seconds from our race time. It felt so great to have a tangible outcome that validated our hard work.

At the finish line

We have our year planned out for one 5K a month, and we are excited to track our progress and growth over the next 10 months and share it with you! If you are thinking about setting your own fitness goals for 2016, here is a link to local runs

There are so many fun ways to enjoy fitness and challenge yourself. We have learned that the collateral benefits to this journey are strengthening friendships and building community. So what are you waiting for...Grab your bestie and sign up!