Monday, July 2, 2012

Get your summertime flirt on!

Happy Monday flirty readers! It's Dhyana again, your new blogger reporting every Monday on what's new in the world of relationships, sexuality and wellness.

This week I am excited to announce my first workshop at Turner Professional Group - Flirting 101. One of the aspects about relationships that I am most fascinated by is how the heck do we get into them in the first place. As someone who dated one of the best pick up artists in Colorado for a while and went on to work as a freelance dating coach and Wingwoman for several years, I have loved exploring and practicing the intricate psychology of how we find connection with others.

In this workshop I will outline things you do and don't want to talk about in the first conversation with someone and common misconceptions about the proper way to introduce yourself. Drawing from my background in dance, I will also discuss how powerful our nonverbal communication can be and demonstrate how we send different kinds of signals with our posturing, movement and subtle touching. Then we will get into some of the deeper lessons of WHY one is trying to attract a lover in the first place, development of our "inner game" and how our opinions of ourselves can be the most powerful determinant of how others perceive us.

The workshop will be a one hour class on Monday, July 23 from 7-8pm, with optional Q&A afterward from 8-8:30. Plus anyone who pre-registers will get my special handout on Online Dating, so contact us today if you're interested!

(P.S. - If you just can't wait to get started with getting your flirt on ASAP, here are some of my favorite articles about attraction: The Anatomy of a Compliment and The ABC's of Attraction. Get started on your homework and bring your questions to the workshop!)


  1. Is it ti late to register ? How do I di that?

  2. It's not too late! Email or leave us a message at 816 931 8255. Thanks Fairydust!

  3. Really happy you can be part of this group, Dhyana. Your blogs already show you are going to be a great asset.

    1. Thanks so much Rich!!! I'm very excited to be here :)


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